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At International 纸, we don’t just provide cartons. We’re your strategic partner to offer packaging solutions. We want to help you get the right package design coupled with the best machinery options to optimize your line efficiency and the market appeal of your products. It’s a level of commitment you will see and feel in all aspects of your packaging supply chain. 

Our team of mechanical packaging systems (MPS) specialists brings you practical innovations that allow your 设备 to do more with less and serves as your link to our global network of original 设备 manufacturer (OEM) resources.

What can we do for you?

We are your ally, working to reduce cost and improve your packaging operations. Take a look at some of our services.

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Troubleshoot run-ability issues

There can be a variety of issues related to run-ability, but our team of experts can help determine what may be causing the issues. 从设计, 设备, 测试, trial runs and more, we have the experience to get you up and running.

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Optimize your systems

Our team can use their years of knowledge to provide recommendations to improve your systems. We also act as a liaison between your manufacturing facilities and our box plants to help our teams understand the limits and requirements to ensure the product runs smoothly when it gets to you. 

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Assist with new items and trial runs

When you have a new item, our team can help make scientific observations, identify any special requirements, adjust the 设备 and provide a detailed report to your team. 

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Recommend new 设备

Our team can help determine the best 设备 to meet your needs, provide quotations from qualified vendors, assist with installations and more. 

Mechanical 包装 Systems for Agriculture

We have a specialized MPS team to serve the needs of the agriculture segment. 

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Manager, Mechanical 包装 Systems